On All The Other Days of Christmas

Well, unfortunatey i’ve been far too busy to update you everyday with all my gifts! It’s been a bit of a party here for the last few days.

It all started a few days ago with a bunch of milkingmaids coming in…with cows!! The next day a load of ladies came in dancing…and drinking fresh milk (i think it went straight to their heads!). By the time they settled down, a whole heap of leaping lords came in, only to be spurred on the following day by even more by a fleet of pipers blowing their little hearts out! (Needless to say, i did try and sort them out with a few new piper sporrans at a good price!).

Because there’s no post tomorrow (Christmas day), i’ve been sent my twelfth parcel a little early. I’ve not opened it yet…but it’s very very big…and is making a lot of noise. Sounds like someone’s playing the drums…perhaps more than one person! I’ll be able to form a full all-singing, all-dancing variety show for New Year!

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