Gonna throw a couple of interesting Google facts out there…just for fun as I trawl countless books and articles to write my dissertation…

Google was originally called ‘Backrub’ after the novel way that it assessed the importance of websites by looking at the sites that linked ‘back’ to them.

Google tried to sell their, now famous, algorithm ‘PageRank’ to nearly every major technology firm in Silicon Valley for $1million. Everyone turned them down stating that search simply wasn’t the way forward, or a key to making money on the internet. Tell that to the fastest growing company in history now!

Google’s (already mentioned) now famous algorithm is in fact owned by Stanford University where Larry Page was undertaking a PhD at the time. Their licensing office helps students market their ideas while sometimes retaining ownership of them. It’s leased exclusively to Google until 2011.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed their product at Stanford University in a building partly funded, and named after, one Mr William Gates! (Bill Gates – Microsoft dude!).

Google is in fact a word. It’s a very large number – 1 with 100 zeros after it. However, the highly intelligent pair managed to misspell it as it is supposed to be written googol, much to their advantage as at the time www.googol.com was already owned by someone.

Oh…now was that enough to wet your appetite for more?? Fear not…a hundred page dissertation on this fascinating company is on its way!

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