What’s Going On?

Well…thought i’d write a little bit about what’s been going on recently…this site’s getting a bit behind the times!

Today is world aids day. A good chance for us all to step back and think about others…especially in the old festive season.

And that brings me to my next point…it’s the 1st of December! Already! Wow has this year gone fast…to think that this time last year i was dancing about on rickety buses in Laos with me big bro and Erik!

Other than that…photography’s going well i guess. Edinburgh Photographers (new window) group is going pretty well…we’ve had a couple of meet-ups and there’s some good folk in the group with a lot of interesting stuff to say! Still not finding a huge amount of insipration in Edinburgh…but i think i’m going to start shooting with more black and white in mind which should get rid of my hate of these boring dull colours!

Uni – finished with a report and a presentation on Wednesday, so officially on holiday until January…which aint all bad! However…dissertation looming…and lots to do on that – it’s 30% of my grade!

Jobs…already thinking about getting a job after uni – scary business!

Going ice skating on the rink in Princes St gardens this Sunday for the first time ever! That should be exciting…possibly rather tough as i’m taking this little monster and his big bro with me!).

You Lookin' At Me?

5 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. Ah looking for inspiration for photography can be a taxing thing. I will however offer my services to you, as you can probably tell ive got the model looks and im willing to to be your blank canvas.

    I have an idea for a photo you may be intrested in, how about me in hotpants on the bonnet of your car washing that dirty windscreen of yours??

    And after my hard scrubbing of your car, why not take a few pics of me regaining my energy from taking snaps of my lunch break?? Is that a banana i see??

    You know you want to!!

  2. Oh Scotty 2 Hotty…you read my mind like the open book that it is. I phoned you last night ya pleb and ya never answered! What’s all that about! I was actually going to ask you the very same thing as you suggested…but i had a cucumber in mind rather than a banana!

  3. in bangkok, the world aids day was celebrated in lumphini park. they also tried to create a guiness record of the longest hman condom chain.

    your blogs are read here in the philippines. keep them coming.

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