Let’s Play Ball

Unfortunately that accurately sums up last night’s activities! I was invited along to the University Sailing Club’s annual Ball at the Carlton Hotel, by Anwar and Nikki. Friday was spent hunting the town for all those little pieces that make up the kilt outfit (yes…i know i sell most of them (new window)…but I take ages to make decisions on which ones to get!).

The anticipation was intense…the kilts were donned…the dresses were slipped into…and we all managed a little touch of pink as the theme demanded.

Nikki, Anwar and Me

Rather dapper i must admit…and yes I’m aware I’m showing a little too much leg there chaps – just thought I’d give you all a wee flash…wow…check those sturdy man like pins!

Sadly, the dinner at the ball ended up being a bit like a public school’s canteen, with overgrown kids standing on their chairs and shouting ‘I am Spartacus’ while downing their drinks, and trying to not fall over. All in good fun i know, and could be a good crack…but not when you’re at a ball in a posh hotel eating a nice meal! When dessert arrived…some clever fellow had been around to swipe all the cutlery, so everyone was supposed to eat their cake while standing on their chairs with their hands behind their backs. Again…great fun…but not when you’ve just shelled out your hard earned cash for a dress shirt and bow tie…or when you’re at a ball in a posh hotel eating a nice meal!

Nikki eating her pudding
Nikki hiding in the corner so she could eat her dessert sensibly (well…mostly so that I wouldn’t steal it!)!

The rest of the night followed this tone, and I couldn’t help feeling a little old for it all. I know, I know…I’m only 22…but when i go to a ball I expect to have a nice evening…if I wanted a food fight and a piss up I would’ve gone to the pub with my little brothers. I feel sorry for the staff who had to put up with it all night, then clear up afterwards, and wonder how Edinburgh Uni plans on keeping its reputation. It unfortunately felt like most people were no more than spoilt public school kids – but then isn’t that half the joy of going my great university!

Thankfully…the whole night was not a wash-out. Anwar and I had a good crack and we got those kilts swinging to the Gay Gordons, the Eightsome Reel and all the rest, and Nikki got her dress swinging to just about every dance and every song in the disco afterwards!

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