During the few days, i’ve really been noticing how i’m getting a little awaysick. What’s that i hear you cry! The opposite of homesick!

Bear in mind that for the last 16 months i’ve spent little more than 6-8 weeks in one place without travelling on somewhere else. I’ve now been home for 2 months…and am starting to feel the routine set in. I feel like i should be moving on somewhere…packing up my bag and heading to some exotic and remote land to discover the discoverable and eat the edible (not always edible!)…however…i’m sitting at my computer at 6.30pm…it’s dark outside and damn cold…and i know i won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

It’s a bit of a depressing thought, highlighted by meeting people planning trips to distant lands in the not-too distant future. It got me thinking that i really need to go somewhere…and soon. It also highlights for me the reason why so many people never make that first step out of their homes. It’s so easy to settle into routine…the adventurous side of you slowly but surely subsides and makes way for finding adventure in trying a new breakfast cereal, or spreading your toast with the wrong side of the knife (not that i’m quite at that level yet!).

I’ve just had a reading week at uni and haven’t even left Edinburgh! To put all that aside, i’m off somewhere next weekend…not sure where yet…but somewhere.

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