Can I Count It Off?

Well Mr Brown, the answer to that would be no! At 73 he is arguably the hardest working man in showbusiness, performing over 150 days a year! However, his current world tour, which is possibly his last, came to Glasgow’s Carling Academy last night…and he definately didn’t count it off! Instead, his rather large and handy looking announcer/bodyguard/backup singer counted it off.

James Brown

James Brown still put in a solid performance, but his emphasis was definately on music rather than on his voice. He spent a lot of the time conducting his amazing band and there wasn’t much shouting down the mic (aside from ‘scccrreeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmmm’ing while crouched on one knee!), but he did dazzle the crowds with a few swift jazzy dance moves (stand aside MJ!) and a few classic microphone tricks! Rather strangely he dissappeared towards the end of a popular hit and didn’t return! His band promptly finished up and left the stage leaving the crowd screaming for more…but no encore was given.

All in it was a fantastic concert and a real treat to see the Godfather of soul himself! Somewhat surreal on the small stage of the Carling Academy…but still great!

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