Are You Not Entertained

Today is the day…the new John Legend album was unleashed into our lives! I was queuing at HMV since 6pm last night to get my copy, pissed in a bottle all night, slept standing up. Well, not quite. I haven’t managed to download it, and it’s definately a CD that i’d wanna own…so nipped off down to Sainsburys today to grab myself a copy. Top stuff i must admit.

On this day of musical revalation, i must also point out that it’s iPod’s 5th birthday today! Happy birthday Mr Pod…to really bring back a few memories…and to get a better impression how the iPod literally revolutionised our culture – check out Steve Jobs announcing it 5 years ago today!

3 thoughts on “Are You Not Entertained

  1. Yeah…it is a cool vid huh! I was very impressed when i watched it – both at his presentation skills which are very good, and at how ground-breaking the iPod really was. Pretty impressive reaction from a music player!

    Mind you, kinda puts Apple in perspective as one of the most ground-breaking IT companies of the last 30 years! Think i’m on track for a Mac next too!

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