Come On The Burgh!!

I ventured out to Peffermill yesterday afternoon to cheer on the Edinburgh Uni First XI football team in their sound win over Glasgow Uni. I was asked to go out to take some pictures of the game for the Edinburgh Uni newspaper – Student (new window). Despite the mud, rain and the cold, we battled through 90 minutes and came out victorious (oh and our team won too!).

Sadly, my sports photography skills weren’t quite up to scratch, and i managed to miss the crucial moments of the match because i was too busy watching the match! I then managed to miss more crucial moments because i was complaining about the fact that i had been busy watching the match instead of taking photos of it! So…after a hard day’s watching football…i did manage to get a couple of snaps, and if you want to bore yourself through 25 pictures…then feel free to check them out here (new window) (some funny captions!).

Nikki with an umbrellaMust also make special mention of my faithful assistant Nikki who stood by my side throughout the second half, after turning up 5 minutes before the end of the first half, then refusing to believe that it was half-time…thinking that my usual completely honest and trustworthy nature had been caste aside and that i was lying to her! However, as the second half rolled on, she stood there holding my umbrella and wolf-whistling at the passing players who felt the need to take their shirts off every now and again.
Unfortunately she wasn’t quite sure how to hold said umbrella so spent most of the time trying to get it to stay up and protect us from the rain! It goes in your hand Nik!!

Nikki with an umbrella

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  1. Ooops…must point out that infact, it was Hamish’s rather nice Nike Golf umbrella that we were kindly borrowing – my apologies Mish!

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