Just installed Photoshop CS2 (new window) – what a program! No idea how to use it…but a quick look up the ‘help’ section and i was able to remove an unwanted label in a photo. Sounds easy right? The label was on tartan! Managed to clone the tartan background and remove as much or as little of the label i wanted! It’s truly godly!

Does this mean my photos will now be uber good and utterly photoshopped? No…of course not. Nearly all photos on Flickr and elsewhere are completely uneditted (except for inbuilt processing done by the camera).

Since we’re already on the delightful topic of photography…i attended the open night of the Edinburgh Photographic Society (new window) last Wednesday. Seems pretty cool, though definately a hang out for retired men! Unfortunately, i don’t really need use of their facilities so i don’t think i’ll join…but will go along for a couple of free talks. You can check out their website and see the timetable of their Wednesday night speakers…and all talks are free!

However, a guy said something interesting to me that night about photos and licensing. He said that if anyone wants to publish your photo then you should charge – if they think it’s good enough to print – then you’re good enough to get paid! Interesting point and possibly true. However, since i am happy purely to have my photos published…i don’t mind too much not getting a couple of quid here and there – but it’s definately an interesting point.

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