The Beginnings

Upon light of recent comments by an unnamed party (not my brother) about the general content of my website in recent times (he doesn’t think it’s boring because i’m back home…he would never say that), i’ve set about to make this post one of the most funny and enjoyable of all time. World records will be set, people will be queuing for copies and autographs…literally…i will be famous overnight. Infact, on second thought…i’ll just tell you about my day and get on with some work!

Had a rather uninteresting morning at uni, followed by a nice lunch in Black Medicine Coffee Company (my new local spot since my recent move to Old College and the Old Infirmary for my classes). Took a little detour on my way home and stopped off at the City Arts Centre for the Albert Watson exhibition – what an exhibition it was too! Over 200 prints by this fine Edinburgh gent…from kids in Morocco to hookers in Las Vegas…it’s pretty good!

While dreaming of my exhibitions after my 40 year career (and reading the dull article for my Management of Technology class) on the bus on the way home, i was to be greeted by a nice surprise on checking my emails. Yet another person is looking to use one of my photos…this time in a book on human pigmentation. Rather exciting i thought – oh…and if you’re reading this then would love some more info about the book!

However, at the thought that this is a bit of a boring post, i shall promptly stop writing and brighten your day with a photo of my brother messing around on the monkey bars…(not the aforementioned brother!)…

Aaron on the monkey bars

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