Jay-Z, Photos and Einstein!

Lots of news today…Jay-Z concert last night was the best live gig i’ve ever been to (aside from the drunk Glaswegians who insisted on wrapping their sweaty arms around me as they jumped up and down). The production was good, the score was good, there was nothing to distract you from the music (naked girls etc)…aside from this rather BLING chain, t-shirt and jacket that is…and most importantly…he was on top form.

Photos…so promptly after the joy of hearing that some of my photos were on a cool travel website, i’ve just been contacted to let me know that one of them is being used on an internal newsletter by the New Zealand government! Rather exciting i must say.

And finally…my good friend Albert. Read this great quote by him today and thought i would share it with the world…

“The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one.”

Albert Einstein (new window) (1879 – 1956)

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