Change of Direction

I’ve been contemplating something my big bro (new window) said a while ago…that he’s noticed since he’s settled in Bangkok, he doesn’t have much to write about on his blog.

Initially this was started as a sort of travel journal – a way to keep in touch with everyone while i was away…without sending imposing group emails every two weeks to say what i’ve been doing. I really wanted it as a collection of lots of little stories about my travels and experiences, that anyone could drop in on and check out what i’d been up to…without necessarily having to read everything.

However, since returning last week…i’ve come to a junction. Either i can stop writing since i’m not travelling anymore (or write about the few places that i’ll go in Scotland/Europe), or i can continue the blog to be a snapshot of what’s going on in my life…despite the fact i’m not travelling.

Personally i enjoy writing it, and think that i will continue to write about things that interest me – whether they interest the reader or not…well, i hope they do! Hopefully my posts will still be interesting and funny (ermm…were they ever interesting or funny is still under debate!), but they will probably contain a lot less about Asian Experiences!

I had an interesting trip to East Kilbride with Suzy today, where we dropped my mum of, then had a lovely time strolling around the scenic spots such as the local Somerfield and Morrisons. We stopped off at Linlithgow on the way home and were far too tight to pay £3.50 to go into the palace…but it’s made me consider buying a membership to Historic Scotland (new window) – it would mean free entry to the Castle etc which would be cool (Edinburgh & Stirling). It’s a funny thing that i consider £3.50 to be expensive…but £27 for a membership a bargain! It’s also rather distressing that i would consider a membership to Historic Scotland (new window)…am i a middle aged (hhmm…make that old aged) man, trapped inside a 22 year old’s body!! Aaaahhhh….

2 thoughts on “Change of Direction

  1. keep on blogging. i regularly read your blogs like a morning paper. hope you keep on pouring us out what is on your mind.

    all the best!


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