Went to see a rather interesting Spanish film last night called ‘Volver’ (new window), playing at the Filmhouse (new window)! I think that was the first time i’ve been to the Filmhouse, i’ve maybe been when i was younger…but definately not for a few years. Great little cinema that plays a lot of international and low budget films.

Robert MapplethorpeTo continue on my artful day, i also went to the Robert Mapplethorpe (new window) exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (new window). Quite an interesting exhibition, though not completely my taste in photography – a lot of his work is very thought out and posed, often in the studio – i prefer much more candid and spontaneous work, like Cartier-Bresson (new window).

However, was still very interesting…unfortunately the Dean gallery’s Van Gogh exhibition was closing as we arrived, so it’ll have to wait for another day.

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