Back in Britain

As one of my previous posts may have hinted at, i’m now back in bonny Britain. Was a pretty easy flight from Bangkok and was very kindly met at the airport and hosted for two days by Miss Whitefield, so i got back home on Saturday night.

Little bit strange being back…bit of a culture shock, and strange to see so many white people! But quite nice too. Great to see everyone, get into my bed, watch my TV and eat some tasty, tasty food! Been a pretty awesome trip and looking forward to doing some travelling around Scotland and Europe!

Pics will be uploaded soon…so much to do i haven’t even got round to looking at them yet!

2 thoughts on “Back in Britain

  1. Ha ha…no my blog will stay forever entertaining to all my devoted and loving readers.

    However, you wrote a blog long before you went travelling…seems like you’ve lost initiative, not subjects to write about!

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