My 421 Days

Things I’ve Done…

– Had my head shaved by a monk
– Been to a Formula 1 race
– Learned to scuba dive
– Riden a motorbike through the crazy streets of Hanoi
– Been horse riding
– Travelled across the Himalayas
– Had lunch with over 1200 monks
– Held a python
– Helped save someone’s life
– Climbed the highest mountain in SE Asia
– Developed a love for Photography
– Had an octopus in my pocket
– Touched a nemo (clownfish!)
– Been investigated for murder
– Stood on top of the largest religious building in the world
– Met popstars
– Been on a train for over 20 hours…and a bus for 16 (in one go!)
– Stayed in more hotels than i can count
– Seen a dead body
– Been to 11 new countries
– Drank a litre of beer for 11 pence
– Seen tigers, elephants, snakes, pandas, giraffes and hippopotamuses
– Sat on the beaches of Bali and climbed the mountains of Tibet
– Swam with sharks
– Seen Paul Van Dyke, Seb Fontaine and Bob Sinclar play live!
– Been inside the Petronas Towers
– Been on the front page of the Scottish Sun
– Had my passport stamped for the 1st (and 67th) time!
– Taken roughly 20,000 photos (roughly 50 a day!!)
– Laughed, cried, loved and tried not to hate!

Stuff I’ve Eaten…

– Goat’s cheese
– Yak Meat
– Pig skin
– Chicken stomach
– Yak’s cheese
– Chicken throat
– Pig liver
– Fish eyes
– Duck eggs
– Swordfish
– Pig intestine
– Century old eggs (black!)
– Amazing pasta in Myanmar!
– Pig stomach
– Chicken feet
– Goat stomach
– Duck tongue
– Dog meat (he was a jumpy little fellow called Rover)
– Crab
– Pig gut
– Roti canai (so tasty!)

Stuff I Won’t Miss (much shorter list than stuff i’ll miss!)…
– Slippery floor tiles
– Having to bargain for EVERYTHING, and wonder if you’re still getting ripped off
– Having 5 showers a day and still feeling hot and sticky all the time!

Stuff I’m Looking Forward To…
– CHEESE. All kinds of cheese. Cheddar, havarti, roquefort, brie, edam…oh all the cheese…give me all the cheese!
– Pasta
– Having a good shower everyday (not ending up in a crappy hotel with cold water and a bucket!)
– Not having to bargain
– Last but not least…my family and friends!

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