Two Little Friends

Let’s begin with a little story. I was off on my merry way to purchase a rather nice lens for my camera – the Nikon Nikkor 5mm f/1.8, when i happened to notice that a shop had the newly announced D80 in stock! I had a quick shot of it…loved it as much as i thought i would and couldn’t resist buying one. The End.

Seriously Fergus…why on earth do you need two cameras? Are you mad?

D50 and D80

Well…i don’t need two cameras and yes i think i am a little mad. However…you must admit they look cool next to each other now! I think part of it was the fact that i’d been in China for a month…seeing all those one child families, i couldn’t resist getting my camera a big brother! I mean…look how happy they are together!

So….honestly…why did i buy it? Well, it’s 10.2MP instead of 6, the screen is bigger, it shoots more frames per second, it’s got a few more settings and it’s a whole lot more sexy. It also means that now my beautiful D50 will be up for sale…so any interested buyers drop me a line…

Check out Ken Rockwell’s stonking review of the D80 here… (new window)

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