I should really be giving my locations around China in vertical measurements, rather than where i am in the country…since i seem to be going up and up!

I started off in Chengdu at 500m above sea level, moved to Luding at 2100m, then to Moxi at around 2400, then onto Kangding at 2900m and have just arrived in an amazing little town called Litang at a whopping 4014m above sea level!

The road here runs along the Southern Tibetan highway and basically goes right through the himalayas. On our trip here we made passes at over 5000m high!!

So, in short (why did God make me so funny!!) the air’s a bit short (oh here i go again!) but the people are amazing. We’re in fully fledged Tibetan country now (despite the government not classing this as inside the Tibetan Region), so there are yaks a plenty, lots of tents on moutains which are scarily high…lots of mountains which are scarily high (i think from this town you can see 6 peaks all over 6000m, with some as high as 7600m!…that’s nearly half the height of Ben Nevis!).

The Tibetan people all seem rather cool…with some amazing faces and costumes (although they all seem to smell a bit cheesy…i’m not sure exactly what it is…but i think it’s cause yak milk, cheese, yogurt etc are so popular here…probably how many westerners smell to Asians!). I watched in awe as very young kids performed amazing acrobatics on the street for a few pennies (videos coming soon!), and in even more awe as children about the same age were puffing on cigarettes!

3 thoughts on “Altitude!

  1. I hate to correct your facts dear brother, but Ben Nevis stands some 1344 metres above sea level, a little less than the 7600m peaks of the Himalayas!

    Glad you’re moving on up though… 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you all made it and that you’re as amazed by the people of Litang as I was. Don’t miss out on wandering around the old town and up on the rolling grassy hills — kids riding baby yaks are pretty funny. The one pain in the ass is that someone taught the youth population that foreigners will hand out cash and sweets, when most of the laowei backpackers i know are as stingy as the chinese.

    and another thing litang is certainly not short on is old tibetan men in wide-brimmed hats with oversized sunglasses, gold teeth, and classic faces. you’ve got many more good times ahead of you in the next couple of weeks, but part of me can’t wait for you to get your arse home, sort out your fotos, and post some more portraits to flickr, ye bastard.

  3. Oh dear…i see sarcasm has slipped you by dear brother!

    Justin – yeah…sorry we didn’t see you again before we left…but we arrived OK. We unfortunately had some bother with a hotel here so we’re leaving tomorrow! I’ve managed to snap a few interesting faces, but not nearly as many as i would have liked!
    Will do my best to get some pics up ASAP though!!

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