5 thoughts on “Lemmings

  1. Flash backs to my child hoods days, pre internet and many hours spent trying to complete Lemmings and never getting very far.

  2. No joke…so was I. I was sitting thinking about the little dudes so did a search to see if i could play it online!
    There are lots of other cool timewasters on my ‘Bored?’ page!

  3. Fergy,

    OMG you wont believe how long I have been searching for a site I could play Lemmings on. I always ended up giving in, now I can play until my little heart’s content. In the blink of an eye I am transported to my child hood, sitting in my bed room playing Lemmings on my Amiga while the wind, rain, sleet & snow howled outside my window. What an amazing game!!!! What amazing times.

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