Ice, Ice, Baby

Unfortunately, being the middle of summer…and rather a lot of sun…there wasn’t so much ice on the glacier that i eventually trekked up to. Now…i shouldn’t lead you on here…i really didn’t do much trekking – the government run operation piles you on a bus and drives you practically to the top of the mountain…before giving you the choice of a very expensive cable car, or a 45 minute walk along a paved path…to view the glacier. Not exactly an escape into the wilderness…but still pretty cool!

I moved onto another little town the next day (where i am now) which is on the border of what Tibet used to be, so the Tibetan influence is getting much stronger, and there are much more Tibetan people around, which is pretty darn cool. We ventured out to a Tibetan disco last night (Saturday night and all…who says the Tibetans don’t parT!!) and saw some local dancing and singing…bit of an experience..sadly no pics or videos…but i’ll do my best to get some next time!

Today, we hired a car and took a trip up to the highest lake in the region (3700m high!!!) which was pretty darn cool…thought it would be a three hour trip and turned out to be a whole day trip which was rather nice as i was with a bunch of other folk.

Anyways…to stop this sounding like an itinerary of my trip, i’ll fill you in to some other exciting things going on in my life! Was feeling a bit ill…and bit better now…which means the 20p bottles of beer will be flowing tonight. Heading west tomorrow (hopefully, just realising that we haven’t booked tickets for a 6.30am bus…so may be here for another day!) deeper into Tibetan country…before visiting some amazing national parks and heading down to Tiger Leaping Gorge, which should all be rather cool. Met up with a Chinese friend from Singapore so going to travel with her for a few days which will be cool (big help on the old eating and the whole speaking chinese thing).

Well, that’s all for now…over and out!

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