7 thoughts on “My DNA

  1. Actually, the reason why this and Callum looks the same is because the way you have added some JavaScript.

    On this page there is a script that writes content to a pop-up window. WEB2DNA could not distinguish between the pop-up content and the page content (they both have a body tag). What happens is that WEB2DNA uses the pop-up window (which comes first in the code) to make the DNA.

    This error is now fixed, and this and Callum’s site looks like it should.

  2. Wow…i feel rather honoured having the creator himself commenting on my blog! The new DNA is pretty cool, though not as simplistic…but sadly being in a Chinese internet cafe…it’s not so easy for me to save the image…will do soon. However, that would be a great addition to the site Thomas – a link to view the DNA as a single image that can be saved.

  3. Fergy, Yes saving the DNA as an image would be a great thing… although not as simple as it sounds.

    The main problem is that I cannot do it with my current website host 🙁

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