One More Time…

You gotta love China! Aside from being stared at all the time, and being starving cause i can’t order any food…i’m beginning to quite like it. I went to see some Tibetan dancing last night and was accosted by 9 Chinese businessmen who all insisted on having a ‘cheers’ with me (when you have to down your glass of beer). The fact there was 9 of them…1 of me…and they all wanted to ‘cheers’ me at least twice got me a little bit plastered! Thankfully they insisted on filling up my bowl (there were no glasses so we were drinking out of rice bowls!) with their beers.

I’ve been feeling a bit ill for a few days, so decided to stay in bed this morning and engross myself in Chinese TV! I went out for some food around lunch time, and was stared at by the table next to me as i sat eating my rice and courgettes! Eventually i waved at them and smiled…but they didn’t really get it and instead turned around thinking there must be someone i know behind them! Alas, the nosiness doesn’t stop there. The hotel owner decided to open my window this morning (from outside) then couldn’t resist but have a little peek through the curtains…despite the fact i was lying in bed looking at her…when she finally noticed me…she just shouted something in Chinese..and off she went!

Sitting in an internet cafe now and the guy next to me won’t stop smoking (or blowing smoke towards me), while the girl on my left keeps pointing her webcam at me so that her friends can watch me…and the funny thing is…she thinks i don’t know…despite the fact i can see my face on her screen. Well, maybe she does know…cause she keeps giggling every now and again…and the smoker from the other side goes over to check what she’s writing!

Definately a different concept of privacy, but you just gotta love it! I found it quite hard for the first few days, especially after the smiles of Thailand…but getting used to it all now…and it’s pretty good fun.

Was supposed to be going up a mountain this morning to see the world’s lowest glacier…but think i’ll leave that until tomorrow when i’m hopefully feeling a bit better. Will try and get some pics up soon.

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