It’s the D80 – Yeah Baby!!

Nikon have today announced the release of their latest DSLR offering…the D80!

It’s a bit like a cross between the D50, D70 and D200, taking in the best of each. Well, really more a cross between the D70 and D200, except that it’s switched to SD cards, like the D50, and borrows it’s new metering sensor.

So…you ask…what are the details…well…it’s got a 10.2MP CCD, new image processing engine, 3D Color Matrix Metering II, 11-area AF system, configurable Auto ISO, configurable high ISO NR, a larger and brighter viewfinder, in-camera retouching (including D-Lighting), built-in wireless flash commander, SD card storage (with SD-HC support) and the D200’s higher capacity battery (copied straight from here (new window)!!).

It looks like the perfect shooter for me! I can use all my SD cards, and get the advantages of the D200 without shelling out a grand! Oh…darn…it’s still 700 pound…hhmm…i think i’ll start the Fergus Needs A D80 Fund…please send all donations to me.

Full specs here (new window).

2 thoughts on “It’s the D80 – Yeah Baby!!

  1. Woo Woo Very excited about the D80 now I know was a DSLR is?!!!Thought I’d really make the most of the comments section- I’m working for this tenner!!!

  2. Ho ho ho…i can see that…well…here you are Suze…i’m holding it out…why aren’t you taking it? Ok…i’ll put it down here and you can pick it up when you want it!

    PS…don’t need to drop hints for my xmas list then!!

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