High Voltage

Well, if i was saying before that i hadn’t really had a culture shock…i definately have now! I landed in Chengdu (right in the middle of China) yesterday morning…and it’s been a pretty interesting experience so far!

The Chinese culture is certainly very different to mine, and a lot of the time it can be hard to think that people are not being rude! There is a lot of staring, but without the smiles of Myanmar and Thailand that i’m so used to, and love so much! There’s also a lot of Chinese! Not people, but language…people talk away to me in Chinese and when i make signs of not understanding…they just continue, but a bit slower and a bit louder. I can kind of understand this (not the Chinese, but the attitude!). It makes me think of American’s that you see in films shouting at foreigners “do you speak English? Where is the hotel?” etc etc…when the person obviously has no ability to understand!

Anyhow…it’s been interesting but pretty cool. Chengdu is not at all what i expected. It’s very developed and very clean! I went to visit a panda breeding centre this morning which was quite interesting. Unfortunately if felt much more like a zoo than i expected, and when i saw one of the young pandas being dragged out of it’s cage to be sat on someone’s knee, before being carried and literally thrown back in (not soaring through the air cause they’re quite heavy…but not placed down gently!), i got a little worried. Add to this 50 chinese tourists pushing, shouting and snapping pictures with their flashes blazing…despite signs telling people to keep quiet and not take pics with the flashes on!

Off to take some night pics of the city which will hopefully be cool…then going to see the biggest Buddha statue in the world tomorrow!!! Bring on the Buddha!!

3 thoughts on “High Voltage

  1. hi.FERGUS:
    after I had readed your blog,iwas very suprise.you are not only handsome but also fasion and wisdom…my english is so poor,but Iknow your mean.iam a chinese girl .iwas met you in my friend shop .AH,NIKON D80,Iam very sorry ,icant’t help you.if you will come to CHENGDU at next time ,please call me , (13688354595).
    see you.welcome to CHENGDU.
    best wishes!
    yours: cocoa
    4th sep.2006

  2. Hey Cocoa

    Thank you very much for your kind comment. I ended up getting the camera from another shop so was very happy.
    I’ll let you know if i come back to Chengdu, and if you ever come to Scotland let me know.


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