I’ve been enlightened into the world of Protopage (new window) and it’s pretty darn cool!


I’m a fan of Google Personalised Homepage for reading blogs, news, word of the day etc etc, but this one kicks ass. You can have 3 different pages so can easily sort out what you’re viewing (ie page 1 for news and weather, page 2 for blogs etc), and because it’s Ajax (new window) based, it’s really easy and quick to use…never mind being colourful and fully customisable. Bring it on!

PS you may also notice a ‘Word of the Day’ section has been added to the side bar, underneath ‘Archives’ and above ‘Visitors’. Enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Protopage

  1. You can have as many pages as you like, not just 3. You can add and delete them through the interface.

    Who was it that enlightened you to this piece of technological genius my dear brother. Come on now, credit where credit’s due… 🙂

  2. Very true dear brother…i had meant to write some kudos but must have forgotten!

    I figured you could add more…but i only use one so not much need…not quite sure if it’s hands down a Google beater or not, but darn good.

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