Brand Spanking New

Rest assured dear readers that all is well in the land of Fergy’s camera! After my lens breaking a few days into our trip to Myanmar i was a little worried about how good the lens actually was and whether it was worth all the cash!

However, a speedy fix by the Nikon shop has brought it right back to top notch and it feels brand new. They’ve given it a bit of a clean and polish inside too…and the VR is back working and stable as a rock! It was actually not a bad experience at all, for one thing i now realise how good the VR is, and difference it makes to the lens. The number of pictures i missed in Myanmar can’t be helped…but now i appreciate it much more!

PS Mucho thanks to MMAAAA…without her…this could not have been possible! (well…possible just a lot more expensive!). Thanks MMAAA.

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