Bumble Bee Men

Annoyingly, three days into our trip to Myanmar, my lens decided to stop working!!! Aahhh…photographic heaven and a broken camera!

Luckily, it didn’t stop working completely, so i was still able to take some pics…however, there are lots which didn’t quite come out – and not sure if that’s worse than not having taken the pictures at all! My lens has a funtion called VR (Vibration Reduction) which stabilises the image to allow you to take pictures at slower shutter speeds, without camera shake. This somehow broke, so most of the pictures i was taking at high zooms are slightly blurred.

On arriving back in Bangkok…i went straight to the Nikon shop to see about getting it fixed…and have just put it in for repair…and found out it’ll cost me £80! However, a quick phone call to my lovely Mam today should hopefully secure a faxed copy of the warranty and it should all be free.

While, walking outside the Nikon shop…i had a really cool experience. Lots of office workers were out for lunch and the pavement was a sea of yellow. Yellow is the colour of the King and the royal family, and to show their love and devotion (which is really second to none!!) a lot of Thai people wear yellow t-shirts with the royal emblem on them. What i didn’t realise…is that many people wear them to work. Nearly everybody on the street (and it was a busy road) was wearing black trousers and a bright yellow t-shirt! It was really quite cool…so i reached into my bag to snap away a few pictures and…oh yeah…that’s right…i just handed my lens in to get repaired! D’oh!

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