A Long Time Ago

On fear of not getting internet access here again…i thought i’d write a quick reminisce of the year gone by!

I left for Singapore one year ago tomorrow!! How crazy is that! It’s gone so quickly for me that i’m already thinking about going home!! I can hardly believe it’s nearly over.

However, though this trip is over…it’s definately changed me and it’s opened my eyes to the rest of the world. So, on one side i’ll be coming home…and on the other…i’ll be preparing to go somewhere else!

I know i keep saying it…but i’ve really had the most amazing time so far. I strive to think of times that i haven’t enjoyed in the last year…and that’s not just down to where i’ve been…but also to the people i’ve met.

I was just trying to upload a pic for you all…but it’s really not going to happen…i should be thankful to even have working internet!

Today we’re cycling south of the city to see the longest teak (wood) bridge in the world (1.2km!!) and hopefully going to see the famous Moustache Brothers tonight!!)

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