Yummy Yummy

Last night was another ‘last night in Bangkok’ and therefore called for some partying! One thing led to another…and Callum ate the biggest damn cockroach i’ve ever seen…then didn’t even take the money offered to him for doing it!! Manly or what!! It was seriously like 3″ long (7cm!!). Kudos where they’re due!!

Anyways…we’re in the airport now using the free internet and eating free food…damn that is a good place for a Scotsman to be! Off to Myanmar so prob not much net over the next 2/3 weeks…so will be in touch when i get back…(if i get back…it’s meant to be vey enchanting and has a unique ability to make people not want to leave!!).

2 thoughts on “Yummy Yummy

  1. yuck, callum what are you thinking 🙂 know he has the best appetite ever but c’mon!! hope it was dead first… 🙂

  2. Ha ha…Callum, Callum roachy pie…kissed the girls and definately made them cry that night (when they asked what the taste was!!)) ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha…

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