Off The Radar

In a few minutes, Roland and I are going to book flights to Yangon in Myanmar (Burma) and are hopefully off for a couple of weeks (i say hopefully because the plane may be full!!).

I will probably be out of touch for most of my time there as the military government has strict sanctions imposed on the internet service providers…meaning that most websites are blocked. It was announced recently that Gmail as been blocked as it took them a while to catch on. My bro has set up a thing to get round it…but i will probably find myself not near computers very often, but if i am i will do my best to let you all know that i’m OK and haven’t been kidnapped.

If you do get ransom notes through the mail…please take them seriously and i am worth more than a tenner (i hope!).

Anyways…been in Bangkok too long so great to get away for a few weeks…and should be a bit of an adventure!! Check out the newly added map on this page (new window) to see all the places i’ve been!!

Wikipedia article (new window) (new window)

Err…scrap those plans…forgot we need VISAS!!!!

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