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After studying business for the last 3 years (and travelling for a year) i’ve been told many ways to value something. My gained wisdom from it all is that nothing has independant value. Something is only worth how much somebody is willing to pay for it…and this is usually controlled by necessity (a man with one leg will pay a lot more for crutches than a man with two!). There is no such thing as a good deal…just a happy buyer or a happy seller.

This theory is evident in ‘The Constant Gardener’ which i watched last night (great film!!). A drug company is testing a drug in Kenya which it knows will kill people, then disposing of the bodies and changing the results…because it is cheaper than conducting new research to make the drug safe. It highlights how often corporations will disregard human life for increased profits – showing how low they value their own species (did you know corporations and people were the same species!). Corporations are actually legally ‘people’. When they were created years ago…some clever lawyers managed to win a lawsuit in the supreme court to give corporations the same legal power as people…and effectively make them people in their own right. This means that they abide by the same laws and regulations as you and me.

There follows numerous ethical and moral problems (new window) with this. Corporations consistently show disregard for human life and pollute the environment if it makes more money. The widespread fight againstly globalisation is just a fashion trend…the real issue is taking power away from corporations. Globalisations represents a smaller world…a world brought together through technology to work more economically and efficiently, this does not include large corporations abusing their global power for their own benefit.

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Who, then, should have the responsibility of controlling these beasts? Government? The same Government that has promised to deliver 0.7% of GNP in aid to the developing world for over 20 years…yet has never managed? Signing numerous documents stating that you will donate a certain amount of money to help those in extreme povery…then continually not doing it is untrustworthy. Political parties blatantly lie in their election campaigns…yet no one does anything…because we just accept that they’re talking crap. How can we trust this system? Now, on fear of sounding a bit like an anarchical radical, i would like to mention that i don’t think we should start a revolution and live in a society with no government…but i think we should all realise that the one we have isn’t exactly perfect.

Who should have the power is a difficult question, and not one that i can answer. On searching for quotes on power (new window)…i found loads and loads!! But the general theme is pretty obvious. Power corrupts…the more you have…the more likely you are to be corrupted…and the more damage you will do.

2 thoughts on “You Want To Buy?

  1. It’s an interesting concept that the “problem” is how much power corporations have. Do these “global corporations” make decisions? Do they eat and drink? Do they live and die?

    They are legal “people” but the bottom line is that real, human people make decisions on their behalf. Real human people disregard human life for profit. Real human people turn a blind eye to abuses when it makes their life easier. Real human people commit the atrocities you mention.

    I see a lot of people blaming corporations, goverments, other large groups of people. Ultimately, all of these things are collections of people organised into structures.

    It’s a commonly cited mistake to blame these structures for our problems. Not all goverments are corrupt, not all companies are out for profit at any cost. But I believe the majority of individuals are willing to turn a blind eye to abuses if it makes their lives easier. Aren’t you? I know I do.

    I don’t ask too many questions about why my jeans cost £3 from Tesco in Thailand. I don’t really want to know what sort of quality of life the person who made them has. It’s a lot easier for me to simply pay my £3 and wear the jeans. So I do.

    Therein lies the problem, not with the structure, with the people. Add to that, it’s only a problem if you perceive it to be. If you’re happy with the idea of the strong living and the weak dying, you probably don’t see it as a problem.

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