That’s Just The Way It Is

As much as I love Thailand and the Thai people – there are some things about Bangkok, in particular, that really get to me. As an example…the course of events tonight.

We go into a bar and order a few drinks and play pool. I play against one of the woman who work in the bar (more than likely part time bar workers and full time ladies of the night!). I win 3 games against her and two hours later, I get a bill for the games I played with her. In all bars that have pool tables in Bangkok – the challenger either pays before he plays, or the loser pays at the end of the game. A game only costs 20 baht (30 pence) but more important than the money is the principle.

This is something that is embedded in Bangkok and foreigners. Simply by being non-Thai, different rules apply. If a woman comes to sit with you in a bar and orders a drink – you are expected to pay, and it costs more than if you bought the same drink for yourself…because it is a ‘Lady Drink’. Things like this are widespread, and foreigners regularly pay more than they should…hence hammering home that they should be unjustly charged more.

In the taxi home, the driver takes the longer route – not necessarily the wrong way, but the longer way. Then misses the turn and tells me he thought I said another road and therefore has to go all the way around the block before going down the right road.

EDIT: I found this post on 22nd October 2010 saved as a draft so published it as it was to a date in 2006 when I was in Bangkok.

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