I’ve just been contacted by a guy setting up a travel agency who wants to use some of my pictures on his website. It was pretty cool to know that someone noticed some of my pictures and liked them and got me thinking…

Firstly i had to set up some kind of copyright status for my photos so that i wouldn’t get ripped off by people copying them and using them (not for the guy who asked as he seems like a nice chap), but because i put lots of pictures online and anyone can download them and use them. Of course, this doesn’t stop that, but it lets people know that they are breaking the copyright act. Callum (new window) put me onto Creative Commons (new window) who provide free licenses for your work – you simply chose the type of license you want…and you’re protected.
I set up a new page (new window) on my site so that people can get some info on what i allow to be done with my photos, and it provides a handy link that i can pass to people who want to publish any of them.

Secondly, it made me marvel at the advancement of the internet and the catchphrase Web 2.0. This is Web 2.0 at its best. Someone setting up a website who wants pictures of Malaysia simply goes onto Flickr and searches for keywords that suit what he is looking for. Suddenly he no longer just has access to what photographers list on their personal sites, he doesn’t have to contact any expensive marketing agents or use intermediaries…in this case he doesn’t even need to pay for the photos! I find it hard to imagine a world where information is not so readily available.

If you haven’t already seen my photos…please check them out here (new window).

3 thoughts on “Photographer

  1. …yea been admiring yer pics. really great. well done. makes one want to broaden ones horizons…take some of callum mis-behaving though…. 😉 nadine

  2. Hey Fergus,
    I am not surprised he wants to use your pictures they are amazing! I have spent ages looking at them, you should become a photographer! Take care,
    Love your fav cous xx

  3. Ha ha, i’m not allowed to put those ones online…you may be scared of entering credit card details online…but i don’t mess with my bro when it comes to computers! My website would be off in an instant…replaced with who knows what!!

    But thanks for the kind comments guys…you’ve spurred me to upload more pics soon…

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