The Revolution

Screenshot Fedora Core 5 Desktop

The time has come and following in my big brother’s footsteps…i have made the jump to Linux at last! Being in Bangkok with my laptop and having my brother’s extensive expert exptertise on hand was the perfect time…and he has guided/pushed/pulled/directed my route to Fedora Core 5 (new window)…a juicy operating system funded by Red Hat.

So far we’ve had a few problems…but nothing that Callum hasn’t been able to deal with…so everything seems to working pretty smoothly. It will take a while for me to get used to…a bit longer to feel confident about being able to sort all the problems etc myself. As Linux OSs are pretty much only used by geeks…the support for any problems is pretty intense…usually just one line responses telling you what commands to run in the Terminal (like MS Dos). However, being lucky enough to have top-grade technical support until i’m a bit more of a learned individual is perfect!

In short…it’s kick ass good. The benefits are endless and it looks pretty sexy too…

2 thoughts on “The Revolution

  1. sweet… i like that wallpaper.. getting rather fed up with MS windows and its idiosyncracies lately, i m this close to something or someone pushing me to the linux side..

  2. Once you switch you won’t want to go back. However, i highly recommend leaving windows on your machine and having a dual boot. There are some things that you need windows for due to incompatibility. A lot of software and games don’t run on Linux…but otherwise…it’s great!!

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