Superman = Superlame!

superman shield

Bit of a let down to be honest…despite growing up wanting to wear a red cape with a big F on my chest (would have been happy to forget about the dodgy colour co-ordinated banana hammock), the latest offering is a bit crap. Missed some of the ending as i fell asleep…which kinda says a lot…but i was not surprised to hear that i didn’t miss that much at all!

Producers…we want more flying and cool stuff! Oh…Kevin Spacey is just cool at whatever he does…though looks a bit daft with those big boots on all the time!

3 thoughts on “Superman = Superlame!

  1. hey man, I enjoyed the attention to detail in the movie. like the sonic boom when superman goes supersonic, or the rentry flames when he returns in to the atmosphere. The main story line was crap but I still had fun getting awed by those little CGI embellishments.

    Kal Penn was the funniest. All he did was stare at Kevin Spacey with blank expressions 😀

  2. Hey…indeed that kind of stuff was great….how can you not love a guy walking head first into a machine gun, or getting shot in the eye and watching the bullet fall to the ground in slow motion. Fantastic.

    However, had i been editting the movie and left only the good bits…we would have been out of the cinema before we could finish a small pop corn!

  3. The movie is crap. Going to see it just because of the FX is like eating mexican food because you like the guacamole

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