Betting Can Be Dangerous!

Fancy New Haircut

I’m now the proud owner of an interesting new haircut courtesy of Roland’s wallet – who’s the fool now that i’m 100 baht richer! Huh!

Sunrise Beach, Kho Phangan, Thailand

However, chilling on this beach is pretty good…and makes all of life’s problems float away (not that there’s many in the first place!).

Poi show, Cactus Bar, Sunrise Beach, Kho Phangan, Thail

The nightly poi show is pretty darn good…these guys are the best i’ve seen. However stringing up a burning hoop and drunk people trying to jump through it is not the most sensible activity at 2am…needless to say there are quite a few burnt body parts around the island.

6 thoughts on “Betting Can Be Dangerous!

  1. you could have put it on ebay to give us all a chance to bid for NOT getting that haircut!

  2. When r u finally going home? Cant believe u r still travelling, haha.. i got sick of China, Hangzhou specifically, after 2 weeks, but then maybe CHina’s boring for me eh?

  3. Hhmm..not sure yet! I was nearly on a flight home yesterday because i thought i needed an operation…but i reckon all is well…instead…maybe August or Sept sometime! I can’t wait to go to China!

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