Sin City Is Not Just A Film

It’s strange being in Bangkok and not being in the main backpacker tourist areas. Callum has a cool pad that’s near the main business district, and a bit off the beaten track from the tourists. That side of it is lovely – it’s great to walk out the front door and have the locals look at the ‘farang’ walking down the street because he’s different (many people don’t like this – but it’s a whole lot better than them looking at you and seeing and the dollar signs rolling in their eyes!).

However, the other side of Bangkok, and the much more infamous side, is the dirty side. It’s almost like a step into a shifted dimension, virtual reality. Everything is just slightly different, and it’s quite hard to pinpoint exactly what that difference is. I don’t think there is anywhere else in the world where you can play pool in a bar with as many women as men, who are all gorgeous and dressed up to the nines (and they’re pretty good at pool!). Of course, they are all hookers, and this is not unusual. It’s not like you go to the red light district and there are a few girls lined up at the side of the road, this is in whole neighbourhoods, areas…districts of the city!

It gives you a strange attitude towards women here, and them a strange attitude towards you. They make you feel like they want you – even though they want your wallet, and it makes you inclined to think you can have any one you want. It gives me a little insight to what it must be like for many women – the shift in power to be able to have any guy you want.

Although it’s great and all that…it’s a little strange and i can’t help but feel myself slipping into the alternate reality and thinking it’s OK. However, a life of playing pool in a bar everynight may indeed be fantastic – being fantastically good and the fact that it’s winner stays on certainly adds to the enjoyment (and the totty aint too bad to look at either) – i don’t really think that it’s the life for me. It’s a great city and it’s fun being here, but i think the levels of depravity are a bit too much to handle for everyday life. The Thai’s are truly lovely people though, and life outside the seedyness is pretty darn cool.

3 thoughts on “Sin City Is Not Just A Film

  1. Too many to count to be honest…however i recently met a new pimp who reckons i can be making at least £3 per lady from now on. He’s called ‘The Don’ and he’s really cool. He’s got a big fur coat and lots of gold jewelry…man i wish i could be like him one day.

  2. Therein lies the dark side of Bangkok. It’s great for a while, but there’s a period of about 3 months when you get fed up with the party and can’t find anything else. It takes a while to see the other side of Bangkok, but it is there if you look hard enough…

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