Taking A Chill Pill

What an amazing day i had yesterday. There’s no need to stop reading because you’re jealous of some beach i was on, or some cool place that i went to, infact, i didn’t even leave the couch for more than 25 minutes during the whole day!

It’s easy to think that travelling is a holiday…but often it’s far from it. The simple task of moving actually takes it out of you quite a bit – it’s like all the stress and hassle of packing and the airport when you’re going on holiday…except you have to do it everyday. Sure, you get used to it because you do it every morning, and you get used to buses, trains and planes…but it still leaves people like me wanting some chill time every now and again. Often the most popular places around the countries i’ve been to, are where people can just sit back and relax for a day or two.

chill pill

So…i played some Pro Evo 5 on Callum’s PS2, i watched ‘Two For The Money’ (rated on the ‘Watching‘ page, i sent some emails, and i ate some food. Oh and i played some more Pro Evo 5. All in it was a pretty cool day, even if i did have hand cramp (from not being used to playing computer games for a long time) and square eyes at the end of it!

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