PS3 Is Coming

Sony have just announced the official release dates for their much anticipated PS3. It will be coming in Novemeber and will be priced at a staggering €499 or €599! One of the main reasons for this delay, is that they have copied Microsoft’s Live and created an online portal for downloading game extensions etc, they have also copied Nintendo and created a new controller that will incorporate motion sensors.

Seems like they will be trying too hard to replicate…and it’s a pretty pricey machine! Will Xbox 360’s 1 year headstart with up to 10million consoles sold, and Nintendo’s uber cheap Wii knock Sony from their throne? We will have to wait and see…

3 thoughts on “PS3 Is Coming

  1. Those links didn’t work for me…however you can check out his pics from his website under ‘Scott’s Blog’ on the right hand side.

    The nintendo vid is pretty cool, but i had to download it through IE to get it to work…

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