Orang-Utan to Orang-Ulu

Today has been pretty amazing. I started the day with a visit to a wildlife rehabilitation centre, and got up close and personal with a few Orang-utans!…

Orang-utan's feeding

Then…wanting to see the traditional tribal side of Sarawak i headed to the Cultural Village. While it is a pure tourist attraction…at least you know what you are going to get…and you get a bit of everything as it’s a bit like a museum. Many people pay lots of money to go to visit a traditional longhouse – however i’ve heard from folks that they are not so traditional anymore (air-con and satellite TV), and if you really want to see some that are still very traditional…well…you gotta get pretty far away from civilisation! I don’t have the time or expertise to do that (dunno how to survive on plants and nuts!) so i went off to the Cultural Village! It was pretty darn cool…something to wet the appetite before i put the rest of the pics up when i get to Callum’s free wireless tomorrow!

Orang-Ulu traditional dress

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