Sounds just like an old cash register!!

Capenter St, Kuching, Sarawak

Amazing place!

Waterfront shops, Kuching, SarawakSuch a nice little town compared to the other places i’ve been. Sadly, most of the towns in Borneo are pretty ugly concrete havens, while Kuching is quite nice. The waterfront, that runs along the river, has a nice promenade with gardens etc, and all the buildings have been left as they were so everyone is slightly different in shape, design, size and colour!

Unfortunately this morning, i missed the 7am bus (was up at 6!!), then managed to miss the 7.45am bus aswell, to the Orang Utan rehabilitation centre…so that’s on the cards for tomorrow.

Guys in red, Kuching, Sarawak
Everyone around here was wearing red! Check out the shoelaces!

2 thoughts on “K’Ching!!

  1. hey, just wanted to say. been reading your blog today – it’s really interesting. i’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience….have fun. nadine 😉

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