Google Press Day

Google Press Day (10th May) has seen a host of new features being added to their current line up, and a promise that their focus is still on search. In recent studies of Google, i had been worried that they were diversifying too much and that they did not have a clear focus for competitive advantage. If you put each of your eggs in different baskets – it’s hard to carry them all without dropping them!

A solid overview of the day can be found on John Battelle’s Searchblog (new window), and his thoughts on it (new window) are quite interesting too.

3 thoughts on “Google Press Day

  1. Just saw your comment on John Battelle’s and wanted to check out your blog – just wondering what your class has to say about Microsoft? Their original mission was a PC on every desk and Windows on every PC.

    They’ve certainly diversified far beyond that, Office, IE, MSN, MSNBC, XBOX, and now Live Search – doesn’t seem to have hurt them any though, does it? Gates being the world’s richest man and all…

  2. Back in Scotland now? Looks like you had a whale of a time in Borneo eh.. Add all your Singapore friends on , Singapore’s finally been added to the community. =)

  3. Jere – Thanks for checking out my site. Unforunately my class is finished for the year…but i will let you know my thoughts on that asap. Unfortunately the interet cafe i’m in right now is not great…and this is already the second time i’m writing this! The Economist has an article this week on whether Google is the new Microsoft, so i’ll read that and get back to you. Keep checking the site and i’ll update asap. Thanks.

    Bjorn – Scotland. Alas no. I’m in the enchanting Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam! Infact i have to dash as i’m off to meet the Sultan himself this afternoon. I’m trying to talk him out of getting his new Ferrari in red again! But all my Singaporean friends…please add me on facebook…using my email


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