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Sunset over Kota Kinabalu

I’m back in KK after trying to make my way to Brunei today! I was off to a little town to see the memorial erected for my Great Uncle and the 4 others he was with when they were shot during the war, and hoped i could go onto Brunei from there.

I found the memorial about 2km outside the town, took some pics and tried to sit down before realising i was being attacked by about 10 mosquitos at once…a sharp exit was required due to the lack of Malaria pills being taken by myself and the current fashion of liking life and not really wanting to die a horrible and painful death!!

Out the thumb went to hitch a lift into town, and almost straight away a jeep pulled up with a mother and daughter in the front. They picked me up and drove me into town. But that is not all! It turns out they were going the other way when they saw me, so they turned around and went back into town to save me walking. They then drove me to the bus station as i would have to go back to KK, helped me buy the ticket, then took me to the foodcourt and bought me an Ice Milo while they waited with me for the bus to leave!!

Me, Cherylyn and Jennifer

Jennifer (mum of 9!) and her 15 year old daughter Cherylyn are two of the nicest people i’ve met! They were so kind to drop what they were doing and help me out just for the sake of it!! The people in Sabah could probably be the nicest people in the whole wide world! I could hardly stop smiling the whole time i was with them…and for at least 4 hours after!! Oh and then i went and found this amazing hostel (that i’ve been enjoying the free internet facilities of for quite a while) and my smile just got bigger!

So…after a few hours on the comp…some photos are uploaded and some new pages have been added to my site. Check out my recommendations (new window) and my latest pics (new window).

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