I’ve been sporting a fantastic new walk in the last few hours. Many people have stopped to stare at the gander that i name ‘the walk of the man of leisure (pronounced Leeesure)’. I’ve actually had people pointing and shouting at me “wow…you’re definatley living the life of leeesure…i can tell from that fabolous walk of the man of leeesure that you’re expertly sporting”.

Ah yes…it is a fine day, once a year, when all your exams for that year are over…and you have nothing to look forward to but beaches, diving and banana lassis. Ok, to be fair…that doesn’t all happen every year…but the exam part does. I still remember my last exam, last year, as it was the last day of uni in Edinburgh before i headed off to Singapore. This year, however, it’s my last exam in Singapore…and my last night in Singapore (boo hoo).

Unfortunately, i haven’t beaten last year’s record of having a solid pint of Tennants in my hand within 15 minutes of the exam finishing (mainly because you can’t buy pints of Tennants here…), but rest assured dear readers…that even though my exam passed a few hours ago…i’ll be passing out in a few hours due to the cheap beer found at the hawker stalls.

Yes…my 3 easy exams of little significance don’t really compare to Suzy’s 10 exams on quantum physics, dynamics of relativity, mathmatics for terribly clever people and the such…however my heart goes out to her and others in such stressful situations (especially Miss Whitefield for coping so well with it!!).

However, if you think i’ve got it all easy…i did have to spend like 2 hours on the phone to my phone company this morning trying to get my $200 deposit back, the DHL man turned up 25 minutes before my exam started and i still had to shower, print some notes, read my notes and get a 15 minute bus ride to where i thought the exam might be taking place. Some swift showering, some non-printing and non-reading of notes and a sharp jog when i got off the bus found me just minutes late to my exam…which i will hopefully have done well enough in to pass…possibly with flying colours…though that remains to be determined!

Another year down, another year older, the end of my time in Singapore is truly nigh, and i feel good. I’m happy to move on to new things, i feel i can go into the world for 4 months with new approach to life, a sense of adventure and a little gained wisdom from previous travels.

Before i know it, i’ll be back home, sitting on my oh so comfortable lazy-boy and this whole 16 months will seem like nothing but a dream!!

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