Cameron Highlands
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Cameron Highlands was…well…really cool! The scenery was sssoo nice! Unfortunately the pictures just don’t do it justice. I stayed there for 3 nights and had a really cool time. Duncan and his mum (guys i met on Perhentian) were there, the infamous 4 Swedish Slackpackers United were there, and i met two other cool dudes, so there was a little team of us!

Lots of chillin out, watching films, playing scrabble and monopoly and a little bit of hill walking and tea plantation visiting! The tea plant green hills are really amazing, and the low clouds that roll over and around them are literally breathtaking! Unfortunately not really being a tea drinker, and far too stingy to pay for a very overpriced scone…i didn’t really take in the full flavour of the area. However, the cold climate quickly got to my throat and i did take in the full flavour of a cold!

Spent a night in Melaka on the way home which was pretty cool, and worth a visit. Alas, back in Singapore and back to work. Lots of stuff to sort out before i depart…so better get on with it! (actually that’s a blatant lie…lots to do, but i’m off up town to drink some beer and watch the footy!!).

2 thoughts on “Cameronian

  1. Hi but the problem is that Singapore government does not tolerate failures although it may argue otherwise. I got “Think and grow rich” from another person’s blog and I will read it too this summer.

  2. Thanks for your reply. Let us put it this way. Why does a typical Singaporean feel so comfortable and safe? The local government does its best to create such an environment which the local people may overly rely on that in turn results in discouraging the people to take risks or adventures. Let us take a look at the welfare system in the UK – it is criticised to be “from the cradle to the grave”. Most of the Singaporeans are highly dependent on the government and they have to because they need to survive; many of them actually love to work for the government because of well-warranteed security. If they have to rely on the government and the government does not tolerate failures, what do you think they should do? It is always good to play the games in harmony with the context.

    I like your definition of a true entrepreneur and I certainly agree with you. But how many people are willing to take the gamble and risk their life when they can comfortably enjoy their current status quo, and will you? Ironically, the local government encourages the practice of entrepreneurship but it in fact creates an atmosphere or environment which does not support what it preaches… This is nothing political but just some personal opinion…

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