Pics and Tricks

Chinatown, KL
Click pic for photos…including jungle pics!

I learned a few new terms while roaming around in the jungle…(not exactly while i was in the jungle…but in the area!).

Slackpacker – backpackers that travel around…but do nothing! Don’t really do the culture bit, just kinda lie around, drink beer and relax most of the time! Commonly heard saying the following phrases…”oh what…it’s so far away”, “let me just lie here for another 5 minutes”, “temple?…what for?”, “damn, tomorrow we have to get up early…our bus is at 3pm!”.

Bratpacker – backpackers living off daddy’s wallet…taxis everywhere, expensive hotel rooms. Commonly heard saying the following phrases…”oh my gosh”, “i can’t eat that”, “ooh it’s so dirty”, “those jungle boots simply don’t match your eyes, what will the monkeys think??”.

Crackpacker – backpackers that are continually high/stoned/wasted or under the influence of some kind of intoxicating substance. Commonly heard saying the following phrases…”spare change?”, “that shit was dope man, oh it really was dope…uh huh…that’s funny man”, “geezzeebooo”, “uh…i’m sure didn’t sell my shoes…but i can’t find them…hey man, i’ll sell you my arm…i just need a hit!”.

5 thoughts on “Pics and Tricks

  1. Ooopss – just checked and didn’t realise that i didn’t properly credit the authors of such great terms – mucho kudos to Jonny and the rest of ‘Slackpackers United’, an elite Swedish task force slacking its way around SE Asia!

  2. Yeah, I was just going to write an angry mail with copyright claims…. or something. If I could work up the momentum to acctully type in the adress field. I dont think that will happen. Not tonight. I WANT TO BE ON THE FIRST PAGE MAN!… ups, sry ’bout that. Have a nice one. Cool site. Im off sleeping a while.

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