Jungle Boogie

What a day i had yesterday! I reckon i walked between 15 and 17km through thick jungle! I walked along a 500m rope bridge 50m in the air (that’s like walking the length of a football pitch 20 stories up)…with nothing but trees to break my fall! I clambered through a 30m cave with about 10million bats in it…(most of the clambering was through bat shit!), i saw some HUGE spiders, wild boar, birds, lots of lizards…heard monkeys but no tigers or elephants (thankfully cause i was on my own for most of it!!).

On my way back from the cave i took a wrong turn and ended up in an aboriginee’s village in the middle of the jungle…they gathered the children as they saw a strange white man walk out of the jungle, but 10 ringgits later, they were happy for me to take some photos and stroll around!

Was a wicked day…though had really sore feet and was completely knackered by nightfall…a good nights sleep and i tried to make it to the cameron highlands again today…however, ended up getting stuck in KL so i’ll have to spend the night here before setting off in the morning.

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