A little slip yesterday…will be explained shortly…left me thinking that a nearly broken arm, and broken camera means i should probably get some insurance! If anyone knows good backpacker travel insurance that will cover me (even though i’m not leaving from the UK – crucial bit) please let me know…

Time for a rant. Asia seems to be covered in tiles. I think…a long time ago, a wise man once talked every king into the idea that they should tile every square inch of every country. The result – you can’t walk anywhere without trouncing on the smooth polished surface of ceramic tiles. The problem – it rains a lot! Everytime it rains, every pavement, shop front, tunnel, set of stairs…just bloody everywhere…becomes like an ice rink! Unless you are equipped with a zimmer frame and hiking boots…it’s likely that you’ll nearly snap your neck roughly 74 times a day! Hence the fall yesterday!

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  1. did the sam a number of times. Managed to drop my camera and the lense protector smashed, scratching the lens! luckily my camera’s only worth a grand….I almost cried!

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