Birthday Bess

Sunset on Perhentian

Well, i didn’t quite make it to the Cameron Highlands! The jungle train was quite cool, but i fell asleep for a little while…err…like a few hours or so!…so may have missed the best bits!

I ended up at the end of the line, in a tiny little town, with no buses, and taxis telling me they would take me there for 150 ringgits…em…i’m a Scotsman…i’ll wait for the train thanks! So, after waiting another few hours i jumped on an express down to another little town…and made my way through the dark streets to a rather strange hostel…if anyone has seen the film ‘Hostel’…they will know why i was a little worried!

Anyways…i’m off into the jungle tomorrow and the highlands a few days after. Taman Negara, which is the jungle reserve, encompasses Malaysian jungle that is over 130 million years old! That’s crazy!!!, it’s even older than my Great Auntie Bess, who is at least a million years old…TODAY!!

Happy birthday Great Auntie Bess – erm…well…since she doesn’t actually have a computer, or know what the internet is…i’m hoping someone will pass this on! For those of you who don’t know my Great Auntie Bess, i call her that cause she is actually Great! (and my great auntie!). She’s totally wicked! She’s turning 94 today (i think), and still gets up at 6am to wash her windows and pull out the weeds from her neighbours flowers…you know…cause her neighbour is getting on a bit…so really shouldn’t be down on her knees in the garden! Rock on!! Sorry i can’t phone and haven’t written, but it’s quite hard to keep in touch when you’re on islands or in the jungle.

I’ve put some pics of Perhentian up, so click the pic above to see the rest…and please don’t cry…i know it’s beautiful…but i know, together, we can make it through this rough time!

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