Jungling Around

Hawksbill Turtle

Made it safely back the mainland after a terrible (oops…typo…terrific) week on Perhentian. Did 9 dives altogether and saw some amazing stuff. Saw two moray eels between 1-2m long each!!, saw a big hawksbill turtle (pic above), lots of humphead parrotfish (about 60-100cm each), bamboo sharks, rays, pipefish (similar to a seahorse!), oh my goodness…the list goes on and on!

I’ve been on 20 dives now and have spent over 14 hours underwater!

Just arrived on the mainland and have an hour to kill before heading to Wakaf Bahru and boarding a train which will take me through the jungle and up the mountains to the Cameron Highlands. It’s said to be one of the best train rides in SE Asia so little bit excited about that…however, fear not…i’m armed with a National Geographic (i didn’t know 22 was so old!!), an iPod and a good solid economics book about poverty by Jeff Sachs incase it’s boring!

Cameron Highlands used to be a retreat for the English as it’s a bit cooler and the countryside is more similar to back home…so i’m preparing myself for jumpers and trousers, tea and scones, roses and strawberries…and some countryside walks.

Ok…this has to stop. I’ve not been drunk in ages, i’m talking about tea and scones, actually enjoy reading National Geographic and listening to the BBC World Service…i’m turning into a middle aged man stuck in a handsome 22 year old’s body!! AAhhhh

Photos were supposed to be entering cyberspace today…but time is running out and computer not so new…so maybe not today. Hopefully will get them up soon though, so you all can marvel and drool over the paradise islands i’ve been calling home for a week.

I just got an email from my mum pointing out that the Dalai Lama, and Buddhism, actually says a lot of the things i mentioned in my ‘HapPenis’ (new window) post! I would like to note that i wasn’t actually conciously aware of this at the time, but no, it is not coincidence that me and the big DL have like minded views on the world at large…ah great minds truly do think alike!

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