Why Thank You

Thank you very much to everyone who sent their lovely birthday wishes. My bday was pretty cool…got up at 8am to go diving…did my 13th dive on the 13th April! Spent most of the day lying around in hammocks…had a really nice dinner at night with Erik, Sunny, her mum and some of the dudes at the dive shop.
Even got some pressies! I’m now the proud owner of a very cool Sunlight divers t-shirt, a CD of Sunny’s brother’s band and an uber cool new cap – pics to follow soon.

Erik and i brought a bottle of vodka with us, so we just chilled at night on the beach under the full moon and the stars (how romantic i know! 😉 )

Thank you all very much for the lovely birthday messages, i’ll reply to everyone soon but i’ve only got 7 mins left right now.

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